Craig Woodall and some of the Severn Trent operatives at the Severn Trent site in Minworth are making the final preparation for their first hedgehog release once the weather warms up and our rescue hedgehogs come out of hibernation.
Last year Craig contacted Snuffles Hedgehog Rescue to tell us about the land on the Minworth Site. It is ideal habitat for wild hedgehogs with bracken, shrubs and many wild overgrown and sheltered areas for foraging and nest building. It has a natural water supply and is badger free.
The company purchased hedgehog houses and feeding stations from us and a large supply of hedgehog food. All they need to do is make sure there is easy access to and from the river for hedgehogs and they will be ready to welcome their first wild hedgehog residents in the spring. Exciting times for our hedgehogs!


Left to right - Joe Purcell, Stuart Heath, Andy Harper, Craig woodall, Lee Coningsby, Robert Whitmore and John McGregor