Access between gardens is a key to hedgehog survival

Hedgehog numbers in the UK are falling rapidly from more than 35 million in the 1950’s to less than 1 million today.. If this trend continues hedgehogs are likely to be on the endangered species list or even extinct by the turn of the next century

One easy thing we can all do to help reverse this trend is to create access between gardens. Hedgehogs need access to between 12 and 15 medium sized gardens to find enough food. The key message is to make sure there is a 5” square gap through your fence or under your gravel board on each side of the garden. You could encourage your neighbours to do the same so that you create a series of 'linked' gardens for the hedgehogs to explore and hunt for food.

Have a chat with your neighbour and see if you can agree a plan. If everyone did this we would have hedgehog corridors all over the country allowing safe access between gardens. It is also possible to buy hedgehog friendly gravel boards and fencing panels.

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