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Creating Garden Access

Lack of Access between gardens is a major threat to hedgehog survival Throughout the year we often see hedgehogs squashed on roads. It is particularly common during the summer months when hedgehogs are looking for food and mates for breeding.  If they have access between gardens they won’t necessarily need to cross roads. These days […]

Winter Dangers

Winter is a dangerous time for hedgehogs Please help hedgehogs over winter It is widely believed that at this time of year all hedgehogs will be in hibernation until the spring. Sadly this is not the case. Hedgehogs hibernate based upon night time temperature. If the temperature is not consistently below 5 degree then many […]

Autumn/Winter Alert!!

Keep Hedgehogs Safe in Autumn and Winter alertAs the night time temperature decreases to below 5 degrees Celsius the wild hedgehog is likely to be preparing for hibernation. Hedgehogs hibernate because their natural food supply (beetles, earthworms and caterpillars) is in short supply. If they didn’t hibernate, then without food they would almost certainly die. There […]


Never remove a healthy wild hedgehog from your garden and relocate elsewhere.   The hedgehog has a legal right to go into your garden and the wildlife and countryside act and the animal welfare act is aimed at protecting them. It is wrong to relocate healthy hedgehogs for several reasons: 1. You may be removing […]

If We Are Full ………

If we are full there will be a message on our voicemail number. Please read the information below on what to do next.   Below is a list of other local rescue centres in the West Midlands that treat hedgehogs: You may need to call several rescue centres as spaces can change on a day […]

Access Between Gardens

Access between gardens is a key to hedgehog survival Hedgehog numbers in the UK are falling rapidly from more than 35 million in the 1950’s to less than 1 million today.. If this trend continues hedgehogs are likely to be on the endangered species list or even extinct by the turn of the next century […]

Sign the Petition

DEFRA has recently approved the use of the A24 trap in England (pending in Wales and Scotland) and Snuffles Rescue are very concerned about it. The traps (see are sold to kill hedgehogs (amongst other species), in New Zealand where hedgehogs are a non-native and considered a ‘pest’ species.Following DEFRA approval, the traps can […]

Slug Pellets Kill Hedgehogs

Many people will have read in the news recently that we are likely to have an invasion of slugs this summer. Hopefully this is an exaggeration because the last thing we want is for gardeners to resort to slug pellets as a way of pest control. Many slug pellets contain metaldehyde, a lethal poison, which […]

Talk to Your Neighbours

Talk to Your Neighbours and Help Hedgehogs!We urge everyone who is concerned about the plight of the hedgehog to have a chat with your neighbours and see if you can agree to make a gap on each side of your garden under gravel boards or through a fence so that you can create a “Hedgehog […]

Quick Action Needed

Act Quickly to Avoid Hedgehog Death We have had a number of calls recently from people who have seen hedgehogs out during the day and just because they don’t look injured the people have either ignored them or taken them in and put them in a box and fed and given them water and on […]