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Please Feed Hedgehogs!!!

How to make a hedgehog feeding stationBuy a 32 litre under bed storage box and cut a hole in the narrow end measuring between 10cm and 13cm square. Sandpaper the sharp edges and cover the edges with waterproof tape (inside and outside).Line the box with newspaper and put the food (meat based cat or dog […]

Sign the Petition!!

Ensure the wild hedgehog is protected by law by signing this petition In November 2015 Oliver Colvile MP for Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport launched a campaign to save the hedgehog population, which has declined by between 30-50% over the last 15 years. The campaign has attracted support from The Times, the Daily Mail and the […]

Severn Trent Release

Severn Trent Minworth celebrates first hedgehog release Evie and Henry, two wild hedgehogs rescued last year and cared for over winter, were released in the vast natural habitat of Severn Trent Minworth on the 4th May. Craig Woodall, one of the technicians at Severn Trent, has been preparing for this day for several months and […]

Pacific Garden Centre

Thanks to everyone who came along for a chat when we had a presence at the Pacific Garden Centre.  We spread the word about keeping hedgehogs safe when digging, strimming and mowing to lots of people and gave out a fair amount of hedgehog aware information and thanks to our wonderful Spin to Win game […]

Pets at Home Event

Thanks to everyone who visited us at the Pets at Home store, New Oscott on Saturday 12th March. We did really well and raised £157.00 towards our day to day running costs at Snuffles. The weather was gorgeous and we were able to speak to many people about “keeping hedgehogs safe” in the spring and […]