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Snuffles Appeal 2018

Running Costs Appeal - Target £4,000

Snuffles needs your help with the day to day running costs of the centre.

The rescue is a “not for profit organisation” and relies on money raised from fundraising events and public donations. Each year we need your help to raise enough money to cover the day to day running costs (medication, heating/lighting, food, vet bills) and to purchase additional equipment such as incubators, bespoke hutches for the sick hedgehogs, heat pads and other items as required.
On average it costs approximately £50.00 per hedgehog from admission to release
Since the rescue opened in 2013 Claire Hunt has admitted over 700 hedgehogs. She has a maximum capacity of 30 hedgehogs at any one time in the critical care shed and has to keep the numbers low to ensure that she can offer each hedgehog the attention that it needs.
Thankfully we have a number of dedicated foster carers who look after the hogs once they are medically stable in outdoor hutches until they are ready for release.

Thank you to everyone who helped us to reach our 2017 target. The rescue could not continue to operate without public support.


Thanks to the following supporters for their generous donations:

In Memory of Karen Atkinson

Most people will have seen on our home page the item about our volunteer and friend Karen Atkinson who sadly died very suddenly on 4th March 2018. As you will read Karen was a passionate supporter of our rescue and following her funeral her husband Paul kindly sent us a cheque for £215.93p. Karen worked at the Asda store in Minworth and organised for us to have a collection in the store on the 28th April and then later in the year. She also nominated us to be the organisation supported through their Green token Giving scheme in store. The collection on the 28th will be in memory of Karen and her passion for hedgehog welfare.

Tesco Express Four Oaks
Sue Atkins
John Cook
Valerie Witts
Lee Brannon
True Ambitions
Mark Kenworth
Karen James
Miss S Yates
Maureen Coton
Customers of Asda Minworth
Rebecca Sanders
Joe Dyke
Susan Edmonds-Pawing
Maria & Steve Marlow
Toni Unsworth
Asda Minworth Community Award Scheme
Linda Crouch
Lesley Fellows
Colin Irons and Neighbours
Falcon Lodge Allotment
Ron and Tessa Riley
Lynne Kirby
David Hope
Lorraine Smith
Sarah L Ergin
Mrs Dingley
Stella Wootton
B37 Tribal (Chelmsley Wood)
Midcounties Coop
P. Harrison

Feast Ladies Group
Dawn Aksoy
Daan Slagmulder
Jacqueline Taylor
St Michael's Women's Guild
Doreen Cooper
Mid Counties Co-op
Roy Woodman
Leann and Peter Warner
Jackie Evans
Paul Walsh
Dean Green
Vanessa Falshaw
Waitrose Community Matters Lichfield
Brian Smith
Waitrose Four Oaks Community Matters Scheme
Gary and Jackie Taylor
Miss Gladwell (in loving memory of my aunt Karen Atkinson who enjoyed being a part of Snuffles Rescue so much)
Brownhills Central Townswomen Guild
Linda and Alan Crouch
Janet Lees
Jackie Turner
Ian Gogerty
Colin Woodhouse
Valerie Witts
Ashwoods Veterinary Clinic, Four Oaks
Sarah Brindley
Debbie Jenkins
Avril Purvis



If you would like to make a donation then don’t forget to include your name and some way of contacting you (address or email). If you have any questions about this appeal please complete the Contact Us form here.

Methods of Donating:

Donate via Paypal by clicking on the link on our website or facebook page. The minimum donation is £1.00.
Standing Order/Bank Transfer:
Send a one off donation or set up a standing order/Bank transfer directly to our account:
Bank Name: Santander
Address: 59 Lower Parade, Sutton Coldfield B72 1XU
Account Name: Snuffles Hedgehog Rescue
Account Number: 87675361  Sort Code: 09-01-28
By Cheque:
Make payable to Snuffles Hedgehog Rescue and send with your name, address, contact number and email so we can acknowledge your donation to: Snuffles Hedgehog Rescue, 10 Yates Croft, Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield B74 4YB


Thanks to all the people and groups below for their support in the 2017 Day to Day Running Costs Appeal which exceeded target! A grand total of £5,464.

Craig Woodall and colleagues from Severn Trent Water Minworth
Sylvia Campbell
Maureen Hollis
Lee Brannon
UK Model Shops Sutton Coldfield
Mrs McGrath
Kim Astley
Denise Davies
St Gerard's Catholic Primary School Castle Vale
Karen Atkinson
Susan Short
Valerie Fryer - Money donated at Auntie's funeral
Waitrose Mere Green
Gaynor Pugh
Four Oaks Ladies Friendship Group
Mr & Mrs Bolson
Beechcroft Day Centre
Thornbridge Allotment
Beechcroft staff and patients
Ann Hill
Norma Elias
Georgette Doody
Louise Ozwell
Leomansley Residents Association
Brett Adams Hair
Ann Marie Davidson
Lodge Ladies Club
Val Witts
Helen Bevington
Mere Green Ladies Club
Pat McDonald
Pat Dewsbury
Susan Merrell
Andy Bak
Peter Clueit
Subhana Anhu on behalf of Caroline Bird raised by her friends at Trowers & Hamlins
Roy Woodman
Maureen Coton
Martine Cowdery
M. Guglielmo
Bryan Nuttall
Jill Guest
John Jackson
Tracee Slater


Roy Ashby
Jenny Reynolds
Devonshire Primary School, Smethwick
Joanne Ashton
Derek Lord
Helen Smith
Neil Powell
Antony Whiting
Ben Rogers
CK Baldwin
Waitrose Community Matters Lichfield
Amy Brooks
Waitrose Community Matters Mere Green
Sylvia Mosley
Kaylee Marshall
Darren Collett
Karen Harrison
Marsh Hill Allotment
Karen Butler
Samantha Taylor
Joan Lapworth
Celia Bliss
Dave & Sheila Mansell
Karen James
Tesco Express Four Oaks
Linda Hines
Witton Lodge Community Association
R P Preston
Keith Trappett
Warton W I
Coppice Primary School
Christine Reid
Stephen Wright
Benjamin Mackenzie-Grieve
Ashwood Veterinary Clinic Four Oaks
Marie & Steve Marlowe
Colin & Fiona Booker

We would also like to express our thanks to the anonymous donations received each year.
We could not continue to do this work without your support.


We would like to thank the following for their donations for our Critical Care Appeal which has now reached it's target:

Community Matters – Waitrose Four Oaks
Lilian and Bill Young
Evelyn Jefferies
Sally Jeffries
Julie Groutage
Keith Trappett
Bridget Harper
Rose Willis and Work Colleagues
Maureen Pittaway
M Payne
Linda Hines
Richard and Linda Benton
Cliff Jefferies
Marie Farruggia
Peter Jardine
Eileen Corkindale
Mrs James
Mrs Perry
Karen James
Thornhill Lodge Freemasons
Joanne Ashton
Natalie Hartley
Valerie Fryer





Diane Ludlow
Mrs E Brewer
Sutton Coldfield vesey rotary talk
Miss M Riordan
Mrs W Twist
Friends of Witton Lakes
Michael Sullivan
Marilyn Robertson
David Swales
Valerie Witts
Brian Smith
Alan Salter
Lee Brannon
Michelle Brighton
Paul Frankham
Stephanie Roberts, Emily Bishop & Friends
Les Ewing
Rosemary Shah
Witton Lodge Community Association
Grove Tompkins Bosworth Solicitors
Kirsty Moore
Ann Hutton





Ken Binsley and Alex Bowden of Thornhill Lodge who arranged a skittles evening to raise funds for the Critical Care Appeal.