We are self funded and rely on public generosity to keep going. It costs on average £5.00 per week per hedgehog to run Snuffles hedgehog rescue and each Hedgehog costs on average £70.00 to rescue, rehabilitate and release. Cash donations are always welcome. Just click on the donation button - you can donate via PayPal or with a credit card. See our Current Appeal page for more information.

Welfare items for hedgehogs are needed for the day to day care of our hedgehogs.

  • Meat based tinned dog and/or cat food (jelly rather than gravy based)
  • Small cat biscuits
  • Tins of specialist Royal canin baby dog milk. This is the only milk that can be given to baby hedgehogs who are not yet weaned.
  • Sunflower hearts
  • Blankets or throws
  • Heat pads
  • Newspapers
  • Kitchen rolls


We also have a wish list on Amazon of some items we would really appreciate receiving. You can go direct to our Amazon Wish List Here.


While in the rescue we feed our hedgehogs on meat based cat or dog food in jelly NOT gravy (sachets or tins), meat based cat biscuits, sunflower hearts (not sunflower seeds) and, as a treat, dried mealworms. We are always in need of more food to help feed our hedgehogs and we have set up some food bins where you can leave food for us.

We get through 84 tins of food each week - that's over 4300 per year! Please help us by providing food, it can be dropped off at -

Vets4Pets New Oscott
21-23 Kings Road
New Oscott
Sutton Coldfield
B73 5AB
Tel: 0121 354 1111

Food can be dropped off at
8:30am – 7pm Monday-Friday
9am – 5pm Saturday
10am-4pm Sunday

Pool House Veterinary Hospital
Carlton House
18 Mere Green Road
Mere Green
Sutton Coldfield
B75 5BS
Telephone: 0121 308 5555

Food can be dropped off at
Monday – Friday 8.30am – 6.30pm
Saturday 9.00am - 5.00pm

Ark Wildlife

We are now a charity partner with Ark Wildlife, one of the major suppliers of hedgehog food in the UK. This means that if you buy anything from Ark Wildlife and mention Snuffles Hedgehog Rescue when you place your first order, we will receive 5% of your order value.

Please remember to mention Snuffles Hedgehog Rescue when placing your order otherwise we wont receive anything.

To go to the Ark Wildlife site now click on their logo.



Unwanted gifts to use as raffle or tombola items
Any hedgehog themed item
Claire and Matt are very busy caring for sick and injured hedgehogs and are always looking for enthusiastic people prepared to organise an event to raise much needed funds to pay for hedgehog welfare. Ideas include:

  • Organising or participating in a sponsored event such as a fun run or night time hedgehog walk
  • Organising a car boot or garden sale and donating the proceeds to us
  • Organising a coffee morning in a village hall, school or your home
  • Selling items on ebay
  • Arranging a “dress down” day at work with £1 to enter
  • Run a tombola on our behalf at an organised event

Please complete the contact us form if you would like to organise a fundraising event or you have any unwanted gifts to use as raffle or tombola prizes.

Hedgehog Welfare Volunteers Needed

We are a very small hedgehog rescue and therefore we are unable to accept anyone under the age of 18.
If you have time to spare and are interested in helping with any of the following ways please complete the contact us form.

Hedgehog Fosterers

We have no vacancies for Hedgehog Fosterers at present.

  • Once the rescue hedgehogs are medically stable and no longer taking medication we are keen for them to go to a foster carer so that they can continue to gain weight until they are ready for release. This also makes space for other emergencies at the centre.
    Our foster carers help by looking after one or more of the healthy hedgehogs at their home, providing suitable accommodation and food until release weight is reached. This can be for several months. We are always looking for foster carers who are prepared to foster a hedgehog anytime between November and March.
    You would be given instructions in basic hedgehog care and you can contact us at any time for guidance.
    These are the requirements
  • You would need a quiet area away from human disturbance and activity with a hutch suitable for the hedgehog.
  • You are prepared to provide food for the hedgehog, on average 1 sachet a night
  • You are able to provide bedding ideally dust free meadow hay
  • The hutch would need to be cleaned daily and water and food provided daily.
  • The hedgehog would need to be weighed regularly to monitor its weight ready for release.
  • Hedgehogs must not be handled unless it is as directed by the rescue centre
  • You are enthusiastic about hedgehog welfare

You will need to contact Claire if you think the hedgehog is unwell so that medical care can be given and this might mean bringing it to us or taking it to the vet we use.

Garden Release Sites

We currently have enough open garden release sites.
The majority of hedgehogs are released back to where they were found however there are situations where this is not ethical or practical
In these instances we release the hedgehog from a garden release site in an area that in suitable and populated with hedgehogs. These gardens are vetted to ensure that the garden and location is suitable under our duty of care for the release of hedgehogs.
Your garden might be a suitable release site if

    • You don’t use slug pellets or pesticides or would be prepared to stop using them in the future
    • If your garden links with other gardens in the area
    • If you garden doesn’t lead directly to a busy road
    • If you would be prepared to feed the hedgehog for a few weeks after release
    • If you have a dog that isn’t very territorial and unlikely to attack hedgehogs
    • If you have a garden pond or pool you are prepared to make a ramp or method of escape if the hedgehog falls in

Enclosed Gardens

Occasionally we have a disabled hedgehog (blind or an amputee) that can't be released and needs a secure garden to live in for the rest of its natural life. We are looking for gardens that are already "escape proof" because you keep a tortoise or rabbits that roam in the garden. We would not want anyone to make their garden escape proof purely to accommodate a hedgehog as our policy is to encourage people to open up their garden to allow hedgehogs in the area to pass through. We are currently looking for suitable enclosed gardens. Complete the contact us page if you live within a 6 mile radius of Sutton Coldfield and you think you can help.


“Fostering is very rewarding and doesn’t take very much time. Each hedgehog has its own unique character and you get to know this even though you don’t see them very much. It is wonderful knowing that a bit of time and money makes a difference to the future of this wonderful creature”

Spread the Word in Your Local Area

We have a letter available detailing some of the things that can be done to help our hedgehogs to survive. By downloading, printing and distributing the letter, you are helping us to ensure that we give hedgehogs the best chance of survival. You can download the letter here.

Hedgehog Rescue Drivers

We normally ask that members of the public bring sick or injured hedgehogs to us immediately. Occasionally, this is not possible and we will if a hedgehog cannot be brought to us respond and pick it up ourselves. Sometimes circumstances can delay this and time could be the difference between life and death.
The areas we respond to are usually within Sutton Coldfield

  • Do you have your own transport?
  • Could you be available at short notice?
  • Would you be prepared to collect the hedgehog and bring it to us in Four Oaks or take it to Ashwood Veterinary Clinic in Four Oaks?

If you are interested in fostering, driving or being a release site please complete the contact us form.