Garden Release Sites

The majority of hedgehogs are released back to where they were found however there are situations where this is not ethical or practical.
In these instances we release the hedgehog from a garden release site in an area that in suitable and populated with hedgehogs. These garden are vetted to ensure that the garden and location is suitable..
Your garden might be a suitable release site if

  • You don’t use slug pellets or pesticides or would be prepared to stop using them in the future
  • If your garden links with other gardens in the area
  • If you garden doesn’t lead directly to a busy road
  • If you would be prepared to feed the hedgehog for a few weeks after release
  • If you have a dog that isn’t very territorial and unlikely to attack hedgehogs
  • If you have a garden pond or pool you are prepared to make a ramp or method of escape if the hedgehog falls in

Enclosed Gardens

Occasionally we have a disabled hedgehog that can't be released and needs a secure garden to live in. We would need to ensure there is no possibility of escape.

See also Garden Safety and What I Like To Eat.

If you would like to be a hedgehog release site please complete the Contact Us form.


Here is scratchy he was found out during the day and weighed only 405g. He had lungworm and ringworm and is responding well to treatment. However he hates injections. His weight has gone up to 604g. He is a feisty little character and is much loved by Claire and Matt