Snuffles Charity Partnership with Ark Wildlife

Ark Wildlife are experts in the field of wildlife care. They have been in business for over 25 years and provide a range of items to support all wildlife.

Visit their website to see the range of products and advice on how to protect and preserve our wildlife population.

We particularly recommend their dry "Ark hedgehog food original" food as it contains all the nutrients needed to maintain the health and wellbeing of this iconic and much loved creature. It also comes in a range of sizes from 1kg to 40kg. If you put food out regularly for your local hedgehogs, bulk buying might be a more cost effective way of doing it.

If you purchase anything from Ark Wildlife and mention Snuffles Hedgehog Rescue we will receive a 5% donation of the cost of your purchase.

You can click here to go to Ark Wildlife.

Every little helps!

Food donation feeds hungry sick hedgehogs

Feeding hungry hedgehogs is not an easy task and we are always in need of food donations at any time throughout the year. To run the rescue Claire uses the equivalent of up to 12 tins of dog or cat food a day, 84 tins a week and over 4368 tins a year. We rely on public generosity as well as buying food from our cash donations.

Thanks to Butchers Pet Care we now have enough food to last us for 6 months over the winter and into spring. When they kindly offered to donate a large quantity of dog food to us we were delighted but had no idea how we would store such a large amount.

Once again a couple of local businesses came to the rescue. Wheelers Timber and Builders Merchants in Erdington kindly agreed for the food to be delivered to them and they helped us transport it to the storage facility.

Wheelers Timber & Builders Merchants helping to move and store the food.


Free storage offer from Cookes





Cookes Storage Service based in Sutton Coldfield then came to the rescue with a kind offer of free storage.

Everyone has been so kind and generous and as a small hedgehog rescue we are so appreciative of all the help and support we receive.

This donation is a huge help but we get through so much food each year that food donations are always gratefully received. We feed the hedgehogs meat based cat or dog food in jelly, dry hedgehog food or meat based cat biscuits. We have a food collecting bin at Pool house Vets in Mere Green and Vets4Pets in New Oscott for anyone interested in making a donation.