How to make a hedgehog feeding station

Buy a 32 litre under bed storage box and cut a hole in the narrow end measuring between 10cm and 13cm square. Sandpaper the sharp edges and cover the edges with waterproof tape (inside and outside).

Line the box with newspaper and put the food (meat based cat or dog food) and water furthest from the entrance to prevent other animals getting at it. Place a large rock or brick on the lid to stop cats or foxes accessing it.

More information on feeding here...

Hedgehogs go hungry as temperature falls

Sadly at this time of year there are many sightings of dead hedgehogs squashed on the roadside. Over 50,000 hedgehogs are killed each year in this way. Hedgehogs often cross roads at this time of year because they are hungry as their natural food supply of beetles, earthworms, caterpillars and other insects are depleted in the colder weather. Often hedgehogs can't get between gardens to search for food and so they have no choice but to cross the road to keep out other gardens. This happens when we put up new fencing and gravel boards to make our gardens secure. We can all easily do something about this by making a small gap of about 5 inches square in your fence or under your gravel board so they can pass through. Don’t worry about neighbourhood cats, foxes, squirrels or other creatures getting through because even if there isn’t a gap they will climb a fence!

At the night time temperature falls hedgehogs are very hungry and thirsty because of the limited food around. They need fat reserves to survive hibernation and contrary to popular belief not all hedgehogs hibernate. Many hedgehogs die in hibernation because they are too underweight.

If you have seen a hedgehog in your area or evidence (hedgehog poo) of a hedgehog passing through your garden at night please consider feeding them each night. Put down one sachet or equivalent for each hog of meat (not fish) based cat or dog food in jelly (not gravy) or a bowl of meat based cat biscuits and a large dish of water as many die of starvation and dehydration. If you put the food out at dark and remove the bowl first thing in the morning this will help to deter other unwanted visitors. You can also make a feeding station from wood or plastic