Never remove a healthy wild hedgehog from your garden and relocate elsewhere.


The hedgehog has a legal right to go into your garden and the wildlife and countryside act and the animal welfare act is aimed at protecting them. It is wrong to relocate healthy hedgehogs for several reasons:
1. You may be removing the only male or female from the area and therefore impacting on the already declining population.
2. In the spring or summer you may be removing a pregnant female from an area she is familiar with and this can impact on her chance of survival.
3. You may be removing a female who has a litter of babies in your garden or adjoining gardens. Without attention babies can die within a couple of hours.
4. If you relocate a male from an area it will try and return to its familiar territory, thus putting it at risk of being squashed on the road
5. The area you relocate the hedgehog to might not have other hedgehogs or there may be badgers. Badgers will kill hedgehogs. The park in Sutton Coldfield is a good example of this.
If you are concerned about the hedgehogs well-being if left in your garden or elsewhere please speak to us or to a reputable wildlife hospital such as the vale wildlife hospital in Tewkesbury on 01386 882288 before taking action.
If you are concerned about dog attacks there are steps you can take so that the dog and the hedgehog can live in the same garden.
Your action can help to protect the dwindling hedgehog population.