Severn Trent Minworth celebrates first hedgehog release

Evie and Henry, two wild hedgehogs rescued last year and cared for over winter, were released in the vast natural habitat of Severn Trent Minworth on the 4th May.

Craig Woodall, one of the technicians at Severn Trent, has been preparing for this day for several months and is absolutely delighted to at long last have some hedgehog residents on the land to roam freely in their natural habitat. Craig and the wildlife friendly team at Severn Trent have purchased hedgehog houses, feeding stations and hedgehog food for the supplementary feeding and they are ready to go.

The precious cargo was delivered to the site in daylight in preparation for a night release and once in place the entrance to the hedgehog house was blocked off until dusk when Craig returned to open it up so that the wild hedgehogs could roam free again. Craig has a night camera in place to monitor their movement so there might even be some hoglets in a few weeks!!

Snuffles would like to say a huge “Thank you” to Craig and the staff at Severn Trent. Hopefully this will be the first of many releases onto this wonderful hedgehog friendly site


Craig and Linda with Evie prior to her release after dark