Please take care when gardeningmowing_post

At this time of year many hedgehogs are killed and maimed by gardening equipment, particularly strimmers, mowers and digging equipment.

We have created a special sticker that can be put on your equipment to act as a reminder to “check before digging strimming or mowing” which can be purchased from the events we attend, or complete the contact us form.safe_sticker

If you find a sleeping hedgehog please do not move the nest but garden around it. If you accidentally injure a hedgehog please seek help immediately. Take it to your nearest vet (you should not be charged as it is a wild animal) and follow our emergency care procedure.

Please Feed Hedgehogs throughout the year

Hedgehogs are a rare sight in the UK and we need to do all we can to encourage them to live and thrive. For many reasons their natural food supply of earthworms, beetles, insects and caterpillars is also on the decline and so it is very important to provide extra food and water for the hungry and thirsty hedgehog passing through your garden.
You can feed a hedgehog meat based cat or dog food in jelly not gravy or meat based cat biscuits. They also like sunflower hearts and dried mealworms as a treat. Always leave a bowl of fresh water each day as hedgehogs can be very thirsty and can drink up to 300ml at any one time
You can make or buy a feeding station

Give Hedgehogs access to your gardenfence_access450300

It is estimated that more than 50,000 hedgehogs each year are killed motor vehicles. Often they cross roads searching for food or hedgehog mates during the breeding season (May – July). Make sure that any hedgehogs in your area can have access to as many gardens as possible by making a gap of approximately 5” under your fence or gravel board.
Hedgehogs need between 10 and 12 medium sized gardens to roam in during the night. They can travel up to 2 km each night searching for food, water and mates
You can also download a letter containing “keep hedgehogs safe tips” that you can print and distribute to as many of your neighbours as possible.