We would like to thank the following people/organisations for their support. Without such generosity we would struggle to continue the work of hedgehog rescue:

Publicity and Promotion Support:

Roger at Redland Visual for his expertise and patience in constructing this wonderful website

Cathy Simpson  artist, illustrator and cartoonist for designing the Snuffles logo
Helen, Christopher and Charlotte of Colan Ltd, Warwick for a Snuffles Hedgehog Rescue banner - this will help us to stand out at events!

Food Donations: A huge thank you to anyone who has given us much needed dog and cat food. We can never have too much of the stuff!

Fundraising Donations:

Lorraine Shaw of the Portmeirion Group

Holly Doyle and the team at CJ Wild Bird Foods Ltd

Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust

Hedgehog Welfare Support:

Wheelers (Timber and Builders ) Ltd based in Erdington for their support in making hedgehog homes for us to sell to potential release sites www.wheelerstimber-builders.co.uk

Riverside Woodcraft based in Tamworth for their kind donation of feeding stations click here for more information

Halls Garden Supplies, Sutton Coldfield for offering discount on hedgehog related purchases in store

Birmingham University Medical School for the kind donation of a microscope and to Dominic White and Melvyn Dodd for their technical back up

Ashwood Veterinary Clinic, Four Oaks for agreeing to support the rescue in all things medical

Anyone who has offered their garden as a release site once our hedgehogs are medically stable

All of our fosterers who care for our hedgehogs once they are medically stable until they are ready to be released

Cash and Equipment Donations:

Jenny Reynolds - Erdington

Elizabeth Wolsey - Sutton Coldfield

David Thacker for the tumble dryer, donated in memory of his Mother Pat Thacker.