Snuffles Hedgehog Rescue operates according to strict wildlife care guidelines as recommended by the RSPCA and other wild animal rescue organisations.
Once a hedgehog has been treated in the critical care unit, if it is underweight it will be transferred to one of our dedicated foster carers to take care of the hedgehog in an outside hutch until the hedgehog has gained enough weight to be released. In winter the arrangement is slightly different and underweight hedgehogs are transferred to foster carers who have a shed or garage with natural light and a power supply so that the temperature is high enough to avoid underweight hedgehogs going into hibernation.
As you can imagine we are always in need of suitable hutches to house these very special creatures during the rehabilitation process. During the winter months the demand for hutches is greater. If you or someone you know has a hutch that you would like to donate to us for indoor or outdoor use please complete the contact us page of this website. Please include a contact number. We are looking for:

  • Hutches that are a minimum of 48" (4 foot) long.
  • The hutch needs to be in good condition.
  • It must have a partition between the sleeping area and the feeding area.
  • We can use single or double storey hutches.
  • If it is a double storey with a ramp we would need to have the ramp blocked off so we can use the hutch as 2 separate units.
    Thank you for your support